My Journal #1 : Do A Quantum Leap Thinking

I got inspired to everyday do a quick journal on my site,

whatever it is just do a quick journal.

One thing I learned and I want to blog it as my first journal is to

"First Change Your Mindset to 360 degrees and do a Quantum Leap Thinking".  

So, if you don't know "What's A Quantum Leap Thinking",  here's a GUIDE,

READ >>  Quantum Leap Thinking - An Owners Guide To The Mind by James J. Mapes

What is Quantum Leap Thinking?

Quantum Leap Thinking are the key to taking control of our lives. It shows you how to break the gup of anxiety and regain control. The more mentally in control we fell, the more positive outlook we will be.

Quantum Leap Thinking or QLT is a collection of Ideas, concepts, distinctions and skills that when combined like active chemicals, naturally explode in their own way catapulating you to a higher level, a level of energy, excitement and options.

I was on a lookout of  a Self-Help Book to motivate and inspire myself,

you know...crisis in our career, i was burned out, sicked and tired...

>> Change Things. I need help to do that..

I want to figure out what my vision of the future look liked and help point me in the direction of my next career move.

Then I happen to stumble this Guide. It's a Good Read!

Positive change can happen in sudden and profound leaps. Quantum Leap Thinking provides the foundation for breakthrough thinking that will trigger astonishing growth in our personal and professional life.

The Guide is about 253 pages, with 5 chapters..long read but worth it.

"Quantum Leap Thinking  an opportunity to get our energy out and target it in the direction of great productivity, leaving us with a feeling of accomplishment."

One day, I saw with sudden clarity that there was a difference, I had taken not one quantum leap but many.

My leaps had a pattern. Each leap was bigger than the previous.

It all depends on how we look at things.

We shape our information by choice.

skills to "see" all the options available and then make the most empowering choice.

What I learned in the Guide, First Step toward Quantum Leap

  • Manage Change
  • Creative Thinking
  • Continuous Learning

"Those who are always learning are those who can ride with the wind"


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