“Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.”


Hello, I am Dane - SEO Specialist working together with Francis - Your Web Support

I have been working as Virtual Assistant since December of 2010, together with my partner of 12 years (my husband - Francis) providing web services; data entry, search engine optimization, website development and maintenance, client support, also researching, creating web solutions and digital marketing ideas

I have wanted to quit this online career more times than I can count and just change my path and look for more stable work, but I believe this is our calling.

We are very good at on what we do and the success keeps us going...keeps us pushing forward..

If it wasn't for FRANCIS, our families, (My Lifelong Client - AYDA) and you guy's TRUST and SUPPORT, I probably would've given up. I believe that we are on this path because people need our help in this field. 

We created my site in 2019 to finally share my knowledge, skills and years of experience in Digital Marketing, specifically in Holistic SEO.

I write and create helpful content and how-to tutorials on the web. I also use my site as a medium to blog our life experiences, lesson learned, and journey, and to share good information, my honest reviews and opinions on a certain product, systems, tools, books and my recommendations that people might find useful. STAY TUNED!


  • I live and was born in Davao City, Philippines - I am currently based here.
  • I graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering.
  • I graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines.
  • I love reading and researching.
  • I love to learn new things and find out how things work by myself.
  • I love analyzing data and figuring out how things work.
  • I love to help my clients grow with traffic and sales.
  • I love searching for solutions and making things simplified.
  • I love to share helpful information to people.

HERE ARE MY SKILLS  and EXPERIENCES over the years..

My STRENGTH is Holistic SEO

Optimizing all aspects of websites to rank on top on all Google search results, all On-page & Off-page seo factors.

+  Local SEO, l specialize in Google My Business - SEO Optimization 

+ YouTube SEO

Website Speed and Performance Optimization

Hosting is the #1 factor ranking factor, so WP-Engine is what i preferred + Google Page Insight Report and Gmetrix

For WordPress SEO, I use and recommend the SEO Yoast plugin.

I have undergo SEO training's on Keyword ResearchSite Structure, Structured DataContent SEO and Technical SEO  - If you need any of these SEO Service, I can be of assistance.

Still to complete my Multilingual SEO trainings.


For tracking analytics and metrics, I use and set-up Google Analytics for my clients.

 For powerful insights and easy to view analytics in WordPress dashboard - I can help you set-up using MonsterInsights.

For tracking websites search performance and ranking in SERP, 

set-up and know how to fix issues in Webmaster Tools on both Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

If you are an individual and need help with setting up a website in FREE hosting environment - I can help you set-up a blog site using BLOGGER and WordPress.com

I am very good at integrating systems to work,

my weakness are graphic designs, branched out on my own..


I can help create and set-up WordPress websites for small business, professionals and non-profits and have the site live and ready in JUST 20 minutes more or less

I have helped develop many websites using Thrive Themes, Studio Press, Optimize Press and Elegant Themes. These WP themes are well coded and maintained

Domains are purchased at GoDaddy.com, or your preferred Domain Registrar and then the name servers are changed and pointed to CloudFlare.

WordPress web hosting is set-up at WP Engine.  I can complete the set-up in JUST 20 minutes more or less.

  WP-Engine is my personal recommendation for WordPress web hosting base on experience. 

If you need to move your web hosting for faster website speed and security, it will take only about 1 to 2 hours migration. I CAN HELP.

 "WP-Engine is my personal recommendation base on experience after so many bad and stressfull web hosting experience ".


But I have worked with many other hosting platforms too including Hostgator VPS  & Hostgator Shared accounts,

 SiteGrounds and Cloudways, could work too if you have a little tight budget. 

I have experience handling and managing these web hostings.

Live Chat System or a Facebook Messenger Chat, Event Calendars, Wp-Forms , Forum Plugin are some of the WP Plug-ins and modules I can integrate and set-up in WordPress

If you need help with WP Plugin system integration, I can help too.


I have 7+ years experience in Real Estate SEO. I have run successful SEO campaigns for clients in real estate,

Real estate lead generation & management - managing their KVCore (Kunversion) and HomeJunction Idx + WordPress

HomeJunction is a good real estate idx system for SEO + system integration with YOAST SEO.

I have great SEO and system management experience using KVCore (Kunversion) and Home Junction Real Estate Idx + WordPress  

Also I can help create and build Dedicated and Customized Real Estate Property Website and Community Site set-up  using Thrive + WordPress, Leadpage, Clickfunnels or Kartra.


I can set-up and create Product Funnel and Sales Funnel using Clickfunnels, Leadpage, Kartra, Builderall and WordPress + Thrive Themes

and integrate these funnels to an Automated E-mail Marketing system. I have experience and know how to set-up campaigns in Infusionsoft, Active Campaigns and Mail Chimp.


I can set-up membership site using Teachable, Clickfunnels, Kartra, New Kajabi and WordPress +Wishlist / WordPress + Optimize Press

If you need a student portal, client portal, portal for your paid courses or a free site set-up.

I can be of assistance.

I can help also set-up, Affiliate Marketing System in Clickfunnel or using Kartra


If you need help with WEBINARS, I can help youset-up using GoToWebinarEverwebinar and Webinarjam. I CAN HELP 

or if you need Social Media Profile  account creation and set-up on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Linked-in, SEO optimized!


Whether you need just a simple data entry or assist you on your SEO website maintanance, what ever web help you need..

Me and my partner (Francis) can be off assistance anytime, anywhere, just send us a message on my FB page or email us at [email protected]

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My Journal #1 : Do A Quantum Leap Thinking

I got inspired to everyday do a quick journal on my site, whatever it is just do a quick journal. One thing I learned and I want to blog it as my first journal is to “First Change Your Mindset to 360 degrees and do a Quantum Leap Thinking”. So, if you don’t know “What’s A Quantum Leap Thinking”, here’s a GUIDE,


My Journal #2 : Motivate Self By Building A List of Inspiration

My husband (Francis) and I both undergoing quarter-life crisis, “a period of insecurity, uncertainty, doubt and disappointment of ourselves, our careers, feeling left behind, relationships and financial situation” so to help us both overcome this phase of our lives, we will motivate ourselves with good inspirational and motivating staffs going forward.

Today, we browse and read about the life of the richest people in the world to inspire us.

Here are Top 10 Billionaires we list down : we read about their life, how they become super wealthy, source of their wealth, their mindset and what they believe in.


My Journal # 3 : Happy New Year! Making 2020 more wealthy!

It’s 2020 and I’m so excited…

Let’s make Today and This Year 2020 more wealthy!

So Today, Francis and I , just want to blog out our goal, wish, hope, plan, mission this 2020.

Don’t be misled into thinking “wealthy” means only money – to have a healthy family, a place you can call home, freedom to work, continuous learning, personal growth, healthy lifestyle- is an abundant wealth.

But of-coarse, THE MAIN GOAL IS MONEY..


Journal #4 : Power of Words

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Today, Francis and I look for something motivational for personal growth and we stumble upon the “The Power of Words”,  “Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively



Full Beaver Moon in Taurus on November 12, 2019

Full Beaver Moon in Taurus will bring ABUNDANCE!
Much like the beaver’s arduous and diligent characteristics, this will be a time for manifesting stable and dependable situations.

Love and Money can be anticipated as key areas of focus.

The Taurus full moon will provide a sense of relief thanks to the nurturing Venus influence it brings with it.

This will allow for a lot of inspiration centered around the arts, beauty, self-care, and self-growth as it relates to your personal goals.

What Does Full Moon in Taurus Mean To Us?